About Us

Banyan Bridge Foundation was launched by Hamsa Ramesh, a passionate educator and a ‘Teach For India’ Alum with an aim to provide quality education to under-served children across various communities.

Due to the lack of early child care education and inadequate foundational literacy and numeracy skills in our elementary students, there are high drop out and failure rates observed in the higher grades. To bridge this gap in the early years of student life, Banyan Bridge Foundation is continuously designing and creating curriculum, to help accelerate and enhance their learning experiences.

We work at the grassroot level with students from low income govt schools to execute the curriculum and provide them with strong foundational skills required in the higher grades.

Hamsa Ramesh

Director and Founder 
Banyan Bridge Foundation

A highly self-driven & optimistic individual working towards bettering the lives of our children. Driven by the passion towards children and their education, she transitioned from the corporate to the social education sector.

A vision of an excellent education system led to working with the most under-served children and community of our society. Believes that strong foundation in early years leads to greater outcomes in later years of life.