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Banyan Bridge Foundation

Banyan Bridge Foundation is working with a vision to create a strong holistic foundation for the students from the low-income families.

Banyan Bridge Foundation is working to equip children with strong foundational literacy, numeracy & 21st century skills in the lower grades

Banyan Bridge Foundation is working to help in reducing the burden on the students in their higher grades resulting in lesser school drop-out rates.


Creating an equitable system with a Whole Child Focus approach so that  all the children excel and reach their highest potential.


We aim to equip the students with strong foundational literacy & numeracy skills along with the essential 21st century skills and enable them to make a place for themselves in the competitive world outside.

What we do

We are conducting a Holistic Academic program for the students from the under-resourced Govt-schools to bridge the learning gap accumulated over the years from pre-school. We aim to work at the grassroot level with these students & the communities to equip them with strong foundational literacy, numeracy & the required 21st Century Skills. The students will work to realize their own potential and prepare for the competitive world outside.

We believe that elementary grades are the most crucial years to bridge the gap of early years & build the foundation for the upcoming years. Banyan Bridge plans to build an expertise in imparting foundational skills to our low-income government school children. Our main focus is Reading Readiness & Perfecting Numeracy skills in the early years of school for the under-served children of our country. This will lead to opportunities for their social and economic advancement later in life. We also conduct Social Emotional Learning (SEL) sessions in the form of Circle Time where kids get an opportunity to express their emotions and also hear from others about their experiences at home and their environment in general.